National Dog Day


Love my dogs and I couldn’t imagine life without them! They run with me, love me and snuggle me…in return I treat them like royalty! Happy National Dog Day to all the pups out there!!!!



Cinema for the senses


Hunger, curiosity and passion! This is what I feel after walking out of the movie theatre tonight. A movie about food, amazing flavourful food, has left me starving and wanting something better than movie popcorn, although I do love it! A movie about passion for cooking and flavours has left me curious about how food and spices blend together to make magic!

I think of myself as a decent cook, I experiment with some spices but only those I know very well, but where I lack is knowing what spices and flavours compliment each other. The Hundred Foot Journey has ignited my curiosity and left me wanting to learn more! The talk of food evoking feelings and memories makes me want to be a better cook! I think it’s time I find myself a class to teach me the basics of spices. Then after that it’s all up to me to make my taste buds dance!