Last day of my 20s


Dear 20’s,
Thank you! As I sit here with this delicious Little Jane I have time to reminisce about the last 10 years of my life! It’s been a blast! A lot of amazing experiences and lots of things learned.

I’m grateful for everything but here are some of the highlights:
Making it to 30
Graduating college
Landing a great career
Maintaining a strong family bond
Buying my first car
Starting my steeped tea business
Helping my sister celebrate her 19th birthday
Traveling to NYC 3 times
Meeting Ben
Winning a trip to Washington
Getting engaged in Bahamas
Buying our dream house
Welcoming 2 fur babies into our family
Sharing in many wedding, birthday and baby celebrations
Running my first half marathon

What I have to look forward to in my 30s:
Getting married
Joining another great family
Starting my own family
Furthering my career
A few friends weddings
More babies I’m sure
Running a half marathon with my mom
Running my first full marathon

Farewell 20’s you will bring happiness and good judgement to my 30’s 40’s and beyond!

IMG_6637.JPGPre-birthday #selfie