Doctor knows best…


Last night I went to visit Lesley my naturopath.  The topic of discussion me!  I’ve been slacking lately with my exercise and eating, been letting myself off the hook too easily too many times and I paid dearly on the scale!  Almost 5lbs gained since I ran my half on June 1st!!!! This was both upsetting and motivating!  I couldn’t believe I’d worked so hard to lose weight and just let it come back on so easily without a fight.  Once the shock had passed it was time to talk strategy.

She had just gone to a session with another naturopath that said we should only be eating 3 meals a day.  I know this might spark some discussion as there are two groups of people – those who think 3 meals a day is enough and those who think 6 meals a day is correct.  I’ve always been of the mind set of eating when I’m hungry and trying very hard not to eat when I’m bored!  I’m definitely willing to try this 3 meals a day thing to see if it works for me…who knows maybe it’s the key!

So today marks Day 1 – breakfast was a 2 egg omelet (no toast because I left it at home – boo), lunch is an Indian dish with rice, veggies and chick peas and dinner will be turkey breasts and veggies of some kind.  Hopefully that’s enough to keep me full all day and I don’t become HANGRY aka angry because I’m hungry LOL.  To make this even more difficult there is a row of treats, pie, tarts and strudel, right by my desk…I have to sit here all day and look at it without eating it….ahhhh this could be tough!


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