You want to do a duathlon…..why?!?!?


I’ve told a few people I’m thinking about participating in a duathlon and the responses I’ve gotten are WHY? and WHOA!  But for me the answer is WHY NOT!  It’s a great new challenge and keeps me in shape!

My chiropractor ran one last month that put the bug in my ear and my dad just asked me to start biking that gave me the itch for a new race!

Thanks to Google I found one in my area on September 13th – the Lakeside Sprint Duathlon ( Run 5km Bike 20km Run 2.5km.  Looking at the race details it didn’t seem too bad so I thought I’d try one out last night.

I ran 2.96km biked 8.85km and ran 1.61km and it took me an hour. OMG!  The second run was insanely hard….I felt like my shoes were made of cement blocks and my legs felt like bricks…but this showed me I could totally do this!

This is me afterward….smile through the pain 🙂



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