Throwback Thursday #tbt – Tea and Newfoundland…..a love grows


2008 – The year my cousin got married, I traveled to Newfoundland and my true love of tea started. My cousin got married in Newfoundland and my sister and I were in the wedding but with friends living there we decided to make it a 2 week vacation.  I’ve never been to such a friendly place in my life!  While we were there we got invited to homecoming celebrations, wedding rehearsal parties and given places to stay free of charge!  We were welcomed with open arms everywhere we went and even got skreeched in at 10am…..I had to kiss a raw cod fish and take a shot of skreech….neither of which were overly appealing to me but I did it anyway and have the picture to prove it!   We drove the entire province in 2 weeks and still didn’t see everything!  It was gorgeous and I can’t wait to go back….skreeching not included 🙂 1924005_26534618682_6187_n 1924005_26535993682_2574_n 1924005_26534678682_9156_n While there we stayed with friends my dad and I used to work with and I was convinced to try drinking a cup of tea with evaporated milk.  I thought it sounded gross but I tried it anyway and instantly fell in love!  I hadn’t always liked tea but it was slowly starting to grow on me as I worked to reduce my coffee intake of 2-3 XL’s a day!  I drank more tea in those 2 weeks than I think I had in that entire year.  When I got home the tea drinking continued but my consumption of evaporated milk was getting out of control!  I dropped the evaporated milk, switched from bagged tea to loose leaf tea and quickly become a tea lover! Now I have a whole room dedicated to tea and get to drink tea for work.  Who would have thought that cup of tea with evaporated milk would have led to this!


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