Weekend Recipe Success X2


This weekend was full of family time, good food and tea! Friday night I got to hang out with my tea team for training, laughs and tea! Saturday was painting pottery with my mom; we created it for mother’s day and painted it for her birthday. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! At night we had a fire with the family and my cousins. Yesterday was FOOD TRUCK day and shopping for the charity Send em off smiling! What an awesome day! I got to eat amazing food, schnitzel poutine and chicken mango grilled cheese, and I got to help out some local children in need by getting them all set for the first day of school with supplies and clothes!

I had some free time between all that fun stuff so I decided to get creative with a few of my meals. I’m starting to love experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and personal creations. It’s keeping things fresh so I’m not eating the same thing every week! I’ve also started experimenting more with protein as I’ve upped my intake to keep me fuller longer so I can stick to my 3 meals a day.

I’m on day 4 of my 3 meals a day goal and I’m doing great! Day 1 was super hard but after increasing my protein the last few days have been much easier.

I hope you enjoy these delicious recipes

Turkey Schnitzel
Thin cut Turkey Breasts
Flour (Gluten Free for me!)
1 Egg
Bread Crumbs (Also Gluten Free)
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Powder
Onion Salt
Vegetable Oil

Put about 3/4 cup of flour in a bowl
Put 1 egg in a bowl and whisk
Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl (use as much or as little spices as you like based on your taste buds….I used a lot rosemary, thyme and paprika because I like them)

Dip turkey in flour then egg then bread crumb mixture, coating completely at all stages
Heat a thin layer of oil in a pan and cook turkey until done, about 5-10 min per piece

Eat and enjoy 🙂

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes
Pancake mix (Gluten Free for me!)
Protein Powder (I like Vega or Progressive)
PB2 (Powdered Peanut Butter….this stuff is awesome for smoothies)
Cocao powder

Mix pancake mix together following instructions (use 1 portion of the dry and 2 portion of the wet ingredients)
Add 1-2 scoops of protein powder
Add 1 spoonful of Cocao powder
Add 2-4 spoonfuls of PB2 (depending on how peanut buttery you want it….I add 4 because I can’t get enough peanut butter flavour)

Heat up pan and cook pancakes

Top with peanut butter and/or maple syrup or eat plain your choice….I added extra peanut butter crunchy style…oh yeah!

Eat all the pancakes



Doctor knows best…


Last night I went to visit Lesley my naturopath.  The topic of discussion me!  I’ve been slacking lately with my exercise and eating, been letting myself off the hook too easily too many times and I paid dearly on the scale!  Almost 5lbs gained since I ran my half on June 1st!!!! This was both upsetting and motivating!  I couldn’t believe I’d worked so hard to lose weight and just let it come back on so easily without a fight.  Once the shock had passed it was time to talk strategy.

She had just gone to a session with another naturopath that said we should only be eating 3 meals a day.  I know this might spark some discussion as there are two groups of people – those who think 3 meals a day is enough and those who think 6 meals a day is correct.  I’ve always been of the mind set of eating when I’m hungry and trying very hard not to eat when I’m bored!  I’m definitely willing to try this 3 meals a day thing to see if it works for me…who knows maybe it’s the key!

So today marks Day 1 – breakfast was a 2 egg omelet (no toast because I left it at home – boo), lunch is an Indian dish with rice, veggies and chick peas and dinner will be turkey breasts and veggies of some kind.  Hopefully that’s enough to keep me full all day and I don’t become HANGRY aka angry because I’m hungry LOL.  To make this even more difficult there is a row of treats, pie, tarts and strudel, right by my desk…I have to sit here all day and look at it without eating it….ahhhh this could be tough!

Throwback Thursday to that time I got to be a video star


Last summer I had the privilege of participating in a video shoot for the direct sales company I work with Steeped Tea.  It was amazing to get to connect with our founder, fellow consultants and tea lovers.

Check out the video here!

I was also introduced to a spice called Sumac! It’s absolutely amazing!  It’s used to create a salad dressing and I seriously still can’t get enough.

Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

Mix together and drizzle over salad topped with mint.  Enjoy!

When the boys are away…


the women get shit done!

Just because some one goes away doesn’t mean the to do list does too! There was no TV in my house last night just a ridiculously productive evening‼️

Dishes done ✅
Lunch made ✅
Dogs walked ✅
Mail picked up ✅
Vacuum fixed ✅
Groceries done ✅
Tea meeting ✅
Grass cut ✅

I felt like a machine!!!! Must have been all that tea and cake I had.

Welcome back!


The vault is opening for these amazing teas to make a come back! Get your hands on these August 1st. I love our Winter Sangria tea!

Sangria Recipe
12-15 tbsp of Winter Sangria Tea
Steep for 4-10 hours in hot or cold water
Remove tea
Add 1 bottle of red wine
Add 2 drops of stevia or simple syrup (mix 3/4 cup sugar and 1 cup water, simmer til sugar dissolves and cool)

Check out all our products here

Transformation Tuesday!


One year ago I wore these shorts….a size 12! Since then I’ve lost 15lbs and who knows how many inches and I’m wearing size 8 or 10 and it feels great! I love looking back to see how far I’ve come – it’s so motivating for me. It’s all thanks to great support, healthier eating, lifting weights and running!

I’m not where I want to be but I’m heathier, happier and on the right track 🙂

With that I’m off to eat these delicious strawberries!


Ahhh Monday…..it’s all about new beginnings


I love a new week! It’s like a fresh start for everything! The chance to get my eating and exercising back on track and seize a bunch more opportunities at work!

Last week was a tough one! Didn’t sleep well which led to some poor eating choices and more sitting on the couch than exercising! But I’m not going to beat myself up…life happens.

Weight loss and getting healthy is a lifelong journey! It doesn’t happen or unhappen over night but when you fall off the wagon you have to pick yourself up and jump back on!

With that I’m off to eat some eggs for breakfast and tackle my to do list (aka work) before I hit the pavement tonight! I’m feeling at least 4 miles tonight….see you on the streets 😃